13 March 2008

The Teaser

The Teaser
United States - 1973
Director- Greg Valtierra
Something Weird Video, 2005, DVD

One of Something Weirds awesome series of "classic" sexploitation double feature DVDs.

Becky an uptight 19 year old girl working in Mr. Condors stamp shop argues briefly with her semi-steady boyfriend Stanley who’s come to sweat her for a date. He leaves flustered and after work she hops in her car to her second job, gyrating on the floor of a divey LA strip club wearing nothing but a smile. Buck, a slimy dude exuding rape through his matted fur lined coat comes into the club tries to buy a private “show”, but is rebuffed, and instead follows her when she leaves and sure enough, takes her by force. Afterwards, a young couple finds Becky tied up, violated and naked in her car, and comforting her, take her home and ply her with wine and full body massages. The next morning, Becky and the wife lounge about and frolic in the nude completely unconcerned, while under cover of getting Beckys car “fixed” the husband clandestinely calls his slimy hippie buddies.
Back in the house, the wife lubes Becky up with some more booze and seduces her into prolonged lesbian friction in front of a warm welcoming hearth. The husband arrives home to find the ladies in a post coital cat-nap and decides to smoke a hookah and again call his buddies who begin to show up like paisley feathered vultures to a groovy fresh roadkill.Creeping into the party on his slime trail is Buck, and while all the other suburban hippies start grinding all over the nasty furniture he tries to dose Becky with rufies.
Just in time to save us from seeing these people dance again is Stanley who’s back to redeem his character (despite the fact he too merely wants to screw Becky) and bring another flesh fueled movie about the supposed depravity of the “free love” lifestyle which it so freely displays to a gloriously noncommital finish. Now that’s sexploitation.

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