12 May 2008


United States - 2003
Director – Johnathan Mumm
Aztec Home Entertainment, 2003, VHS

Trailers for gangsta movies “Flossin”, “Tha Bothahood” and one other.

Instantly reeks of shot on video,and this is gonna hurt. Some damn kids playing monster around the farm are menaced by superstitous dinner cooking mother.

A slumlord threatens a woman with eviction, and so, her son, who appears to be at least s old as her, assaults him. There’s a bit in here also about a guy who owns the town newspaper, and who emotionally abuses his reporter wife. The slumlord steals a car and drives around drinking whiskey, and is suddenly attacked by a fangy person in a greenish leotard and no music cue.

At a nearby bar, a drunk attempts to hit on the music act, a gratingly quaint folk singer, but when rebuffed, resorts to homicide. While another fellow grills the barmaid about a treasure map, the drunk is attacked and killed by the fangy person and the folk singer escapes. Other diverse characters are introduced, given many long, agonizing minutes of banal dialogue and then forgotten.An old man lies in bed and swills whiskey, offering banal ironies to the crucifix staring back at him from the wall. In another doublewide trailer, a trashy blowhard pastel-clad wannabe mayor discusses political strategy with his bloated hausfrau.
Chosen for some reason to live a life of alcoholic hell guilt for his participation in an El Chupacabras Event in the 50’s, old drunk guy is forced to engage in a second, modern El Chupacabras hunt with all the other main characters in tow. But sadly, his grandson has stolen and sold his map to the Chupacabra lair in order to pay the rent on his mother’s house.
Plot threads are randomly revivified and cast with haphazard earnest like the Chupacabras zombie victims in front of the desperate camcorder lens for this homemade head-trauma.

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