27 January 2009

New VHS and "Research"

Some recent VHS acquisitions for the Archive. Yor was a big dissapointment but bears a rewatching, we had expected some high-camp but found only low/middle-camp. Play Dead on the first viewing was a joke, the dog doesn't even maul anyone, preferring to do things like dropping curling irons into the tub while you're bathing. Saw Quiet Earth years and years ago and remember being surprised.
Also checked out the Universal Pictures MummyLegacy Collection DVD from the Seattle Public Library since I have virtually no exposure to Universal Monsters beyond The Creature (one of my favorite movies which got me started on all this back in 1989.) Anyway, the Legacy Collection has all 5 mummy movies from '39 to '44, so that will be educational if nothing else.
In addition, I got a Mae West movie, just to see what all the hype was about.

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