06 July 2009

Fangoria 95 - Total Recall

This issue of Fangoria, #95 published August of 1990 is chock-full of fun articles. In addition to Total Recall (a personal favorite) it has an interview with horror staple Brad Dourif and a full color article on the Romero/Argento film Two Evil Eyes which believe it or not I still haven't seen. I should probably share those articles with you sometime too.

If you happen to be in Seattle this July 25th (2009) I'm having a BBQ at my house and we're gonna project Total Recall on the side of the house when the sun goes down (10pmish) so get your ass to Mars.


Starmummy said...

The cover of that issue scared the crap out of me as a kid. Great movie though.

regis said...

When Verhoeven cast the "two weeks!" lady, they put a call out with the sole requirement being "a woman who looks large enough to contain Arnold Schwarzenegger."

Bill said...

Did you clip out the "Brainscan" article and order the game?

lol... movie trivia.