05 October 2009

October is Horror Month

October is the month that Halloween likes to live at and so it is often used by film media of all varieties to focus on horror films. That is good, I like horror movies.

However, in order to be the contrarian that I fancy myself for the sake of it's sheer charismatic appeal, I shall adhere to the Dead Kennedy's philosophy on the season (mostly in justifiably making fun of the Misfits.)

"But what's in between
Where are your ideas
You sit around and dream
For next Halloween

Why not everyday,
Are you so afraid?
What will people say?"

Therefore I promise to jettison all the Dogdamned horror movies all month long, in any context. I'll stick to children's fare, romantic comedies, gun-happy-strippers, whatever; as long as it isn't horror. And on that note, I ask you to bear with me as I begin a new semester at school. I will post as often as possible, but the nature of my studies demands dedication nearly equal to that of garbage film.

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