23 November 2009

Gorezone #25 - Umberto Lenzi

Hey, who doesn't like eating meat? I mean really, besides vegans and lacto-vegetarians, who doesn't like dead-body food? What's not to like about a good old fashioned corpse feast? For this reason I must digress back into my regular Danksgeben mode and celebrate the consumption of human flesh. Because I know of absolutely zero cannibal movies that haven't been reviewed to pieces, and even fewer of those that haven't made it to DVD, I'll give you the next best thing; an interview with the prince of Italian cannibalsploitation, Umberto Lenzi. This issue of Gorezone came out in 1992.

Friends over at B Movies and Beyond, and Cult Trailers have posted some good Lenzi flavored stuff, check it out.

here is one of my favorite trash posters, a German version of Lenzi's Cannibal Ferox snagged from an American DVD release insert from 2002 or so.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props man. Can't wait to read the article. I love me some Lenzi!