02 April 2010

Fangoria 102 - Caroline Munroe/Luigi Cozzi

Luigi Cozzi is a director of unparalleled shoddiness. He may only be the duke to Alfonso Brescia's King of Cheap and Trashy, but Cozzi is the undisputed tyrant of Italian exploitation, challenged by many, but matched by none. The instant I saw Contamination I was sold, but Starcrash absolutely curdled my tender brain, and I mean that in the most flattering way.
This issue of Fangoria was published in May 1991 and features an article about Caroline Munroe one of the stars of Starcrash. She had gone on to star in his film Black Cat which I was attempting to find here, but afterwards as you will see, she had some problems getting Mr. Cozzi to pay her. Makes the guy sound like a real upstanding fellow lemme tell you.


Shelby Cobras said...

Munroe = BABE.
Cozzi = GENIUS.

I concur.

Aylmer said...

When I lived in Vienna as a kid in the early '80s there was a TV at the local tram terminus that played a loop of trailers for upcoming movies, and one of them was the gory german trailer for Contamination (as Astaron: Brut des Schreckens). It's a pretty hardcore trailer and it totally fucked with my 12 year old brain. I spent at least two afternoons literally standing there for several hours as the loop cycled, watching that trailer again and again. It was my intro to gore and that german trailer still freaks me out to this day. Sorry a bit off topic, but I just had to get that out!

The Goodkind said...

Cobras- Yes.
Aylmer- I can imagine how traumatic that must have been. The Blue Underground DVD has a menu screen that just runs the shot of the rat scrambling around its glass cage and exploding over and over, and that was pretty traumatic as an adult.