19 April 2010

Spooky Midnight VHS Assault #1: Dirty Tennis

Dirty Tennis
United States - 1989
Director - George Bloom III
MCA Home Video, 189, VHS
Run Time - 33 minutes

Dirty Tennis was written by and stars Dick Van Patten of 8 Is Enough. If you've ever wanted to know what a hairy middle aged New Yorker doing a bad Benny Hill impression while dipped in Vaseline looks like, here it is. I have nothing more to say.
This movie will be shown during the Awful Hour, tomorrow night before the Kung Fu Grindhouse 5th Anniversary Opener. If you live in Seattle, I pity you.

 Bwaaaahhhhhh! Drink Tea, be greasy!

1 comment:

Geof said...

If you did not provide pics, I would have never believed this existed. Maybe it's better if I just strike it from my mind now. Haha