06 August 2010

Special Features

Those of you unfamiliar with Illogical Contraption are in for a real treat, it is one of the most amazingly retarded geysers of intellectual circularity I have ever seen. (Those of you familiar with it are always in for a treat) I am lucky enough to have the esteemed privilege of contributing to said discourse now and again.

This last Monday while you were all reading about Richard Harrison HERE at LVA, over at IllCon they were reading my heady witticisms regarding the band The Clowns from the Don Edmonds craptacular classic Terror On Tour. As I'm sure your aware, I've written about the entire crappy movie HERE, but the piece at Illogical Contraption, titled The Hidden Agenda Behind Rock n' Roll, is a whole new level of stupid. Check it out, and find some good music over there while you're at it.

 For those of you that witnessed Raculfright 13's instant victory in our first ever Lunchmeat missing title contest (HERE), and for those of you who didn't here is the cover scan with the title intact courtesy of Josh at Lunchmeat Magazine:


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You are welcome sir, endearing insults are the most sincere form of bro-flattery. Thank you for letting me participate, it truly is a privilege.