07 February 2011

A Gumby Summer

A Gumby Summer
United States
F.H.E., 1987, VHS
Volume 8
Run Time - 1 hour

I bet you thought I had forgotten about my mission to track down all the Gumby VHS tapes I could find. Not so lucky. Here I give you another in F.H.E.'s multi-volume series. This tape has a volume number on the label, but higher catalog numbers do not.
  • Gumby League
  • Motor Mania
  • The Blue Goo
  • A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts
  • The Missile-Bird
  • Pokey Express
  • Rain Spirits
  • Mason Hornet
  • Shady Lemonade
  • Making Squares


Phill Tuma said...

Your wildest imagination

When I insert a video cassette featuring Gumby I hear the delicate drops of dew rolling off a velvety honeysuckle in spring. I see a dancing butterfly zagging around a light-struck pond before the set of dusk. I smell the sweet lavender of ancient groves discovered by few men, but know by all the mighty elk of the region. I feel warm, inspired, and know that I am home. Then the Blockheads come and botch it all up for everybody.

Anonymous said...

And then Prickle comes gliding along and in his William S. Burroughs dulcet tones makes everything all right.

JadeThompson07@aol.com said...

i just bought gumby and the wild west at a thrift store for a dollar :D