22 April 2011

The Return of Gumby

The Return of Gumby
United States - 1956
Director - Art Clokey
F.H.E., 1987, VHS
Run Time - 50 minutes

  • Witty Witch
  • Hot Rod Granny
  • In a Fix
  • King for a Day
  • The Groobee
  • Gopher Trouble
  • Rain for a Roo
  • Chicken Feed
  • The Zoops

    1 comment:

    Phill Tuma said...

    You returned too late Gumby. While you're jerking around on the rotor of the witty witch's state of the art Apache Advanced Attack Helicopter, there are innocent civilians in the village below burning limbless from the wrath of 2 of her Hellfire missles. Bravo Green man, bravo.