18 January 2012

Yog Monster From Space

Japan - 1970
Director - Ishiro Honda
Movie Favorites (Trans-Atlantic Video Inc.), 1987, VHS
Run Time - 1 hour, 24 minutes

A few months back I shared an awesome poster for this Kaiju movie. I really wanted to see the film, but the version available on DVD has the original title Space Amoeba, and features a totally different photo cover. I really like the poster art! As it happens this VHS tape showed up shortly thereafter but something seemed a bit strange about it. It looks to me like someone did a quick copy of the poster. It's a pretty close reproduction as far as composition goes, but the quality of detail is much less on this box. But hey, it matches the quality of the film print!
Ahhhhh, public domain VHS.
Anayway here a few more posters I found.

This nice lobby card comes thanks to Black Hole Reviews

This poster thanks to Super Punch

This one from Toho Island


Scumbalina said...

LOVE! This was the movie that got me into kaiju. Such a cool monster!

Geno Cuddy said...

is one of those monsters on the japanese posters GAMERA.

The Goodkind said...

Sure looks like him doesn't it! The crab monster also looks like the guy that Godzilla played boulder-catch with on Monster Island.