01 June 2012

Week of Back Talk!

One of the disappointing things about being a small time writer (at least to me) is that one yearns for feedback and dialogue from others, yet rarely gets it. This is particularly the case online where so much content is available for free and in the meantime one is frequently too self-interested.

I myself am often guilty of merely noting, but not reading the posts of my cohorts. In an modest effort to address this situation I'm pledging to leave at least two comments a day for the next week on my various comrade's blogs. Sound easy enough, but the catch is I have to actually read the post and be insightful in my response!

Since I was duped into the Twitter-hole, I'll Tweet (@SethGoodkind) a link to the site in question each time I comment on a fellow's article or review, that way there's accountability. (you can also see my Tweets on this blog just above Linda Blair.)

What's more, I challenge readers of this blog to follow suit, it's not that hard, read someone's post and say something! You can get started by looking at my comrade's recent entries in the sidebar to the right. There's lot's of content everyday, so there is plenty to think about and respond to!

Join me, dialogue is AMAZING!

Commence Week of BACK TALK!
United States - 1952
Director - David Bradley


Thomas Duke said...

Is it overly meta of me to post a comment on this post about how I'm posting a comment? If not, I won't.


I think it's a good idea to inspire people to leave comments. Sometimes people think they need to add something to the post, but you can also just say something stupid or just say you liked it.

The Goodkind said...

I agree! Anything you say, no matter how banal, can only make the writer feel appreciated. And it often becomes reciprocal.

Barry P. said...

I don't know if my reply is insightful, but you've certainly given me food for thought (Good job!). I often find myself falling into rut of reading other posts but not necessarily commenting.

The Goodkind said...

Thanks for getting a good start here, keep it up!

Ty said...

Talk About a Stranger looks like an interesting movie. Will have to check it out.