10 August 2012

Rental Store - Video X Tron

I did just a tiny bit of research on this one and turned up a fair amount of history. Video X Tron was a small chain based out of Boca Raton, Florida. They had about 10 stores in the area. In 1990, as Blockbuster was violently expanding like a Capitalist Christian Cancer, they acquired Video X Tron and performed their censorial abortion. Adult titles were quickly purged and family friendly minimum-wage clones began spitting on your microwave popcorn.

I found this label on my copy of the James Hong directed, low budget teen sex comedy Teen Lust back in April. The box and tape were slathered in Blockbuster stickers, but I could tell that there was something more interesting underneath. With the help of a little bit of lighter fluid I found these X Tron labels. Odd that the statutory rape comedy Teen Lust passed the Blockbuster morality test, but not consensual adult sex? Oh well, Christian duplicity is nothing new.

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