13 January 2008

Back From Vacation

I was visiting my old stomping grounds for the last week, hence the lack of posts.
I watched some quality crap while I was in Albuquerque and Silver City though, so I will either attempt to post some reviews of that stuff, or, barring that, new jusnk I have on the shelf here. Here's a list of last weeks New Mexico playlist:
Food of The Gods
God Told Me To
Shoot 'Em Up
The Toolbox Murders
The Mad Butcher
Nightmare House
Children of Men

That's a lot of movies for 7 days. I also must reccomend a little indie movie rental shop in Albuquerque for anyone visiting or living there; Burning paradise has a great selection of crap and gold. Check out http://www.burningparadise.net/

New posts are forthcoming.

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