01 January 2008

Candy Stripe Nurses

Candy Stripe Nurses
United States - 1974
Director – Alan Holleb
New Horizons Home Video, 1997, VHS
Run Time - 1 hour, 26 min.

One of the gazillions of films written and directed by someone else, but produced by Roger Corman. It occurs to me now for the first time that Corman was an earlier version of a one man Troma. For my money though Cormanville is a much more appealing community.

With Candy Stripe Nurses, you definitely know what you’re getting into when you put a movie with a title like that on. When do the boobs start? How about right away?

Three high-school girls are volunteering at the local hospital for various reasons as Candy Stripers. The first is a school rebel, the second a party girl cheerleader type, and the third a nerdy scholastic type.
Now what is a Candy Striper? While each of the ladies I’ve just mentioned doesn’t seem to have any qualms about taking their clothes off, there seem to be little or no indications as to what the actual duties of a Candy striper are. They seem to have free range over the entire hospital, including the “sex clinic” operated therin. In crude uninspiring terms and within a few minutes each one manages to hook up with a predictable counterpoint male character reinforcing the cookie cutter plot.

Each of the three leads must solve a problem of sorts that relates more or less directly to, and reinforces the high-school social niche her character is supposed to represent. Each of the issues is resolved with sufficient bare breasts to keep the hetero-male viewer interested enough to stay in his seat, because lord knows, this film has little else that will.

A nice DVD cover that is nevertheless inferior to the original John Solie artwork.

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