05 August 2009

9 Deaths of the Ninja

For posterity's sake I must include this tidbit of terrible cinema history which has in fact made it to DVD (and is available from Netflix). I had heard of 9 Deaths of the Ninja a few times, and that it was quite awful. I have also seen several other Sho Kosugi films including the epic Ninja trilogy beginning with Enter the Ninja in which he is the bad guy against whom Franco Nero (the original Django) as the Good Ninja must fight. Following that was the awesome Revenge of the Ninja in which Sho plays Cho, the Good Ninja. His battered visage from Revenge graces the current Kung Fu Grindhouse T-shirt, seen here at right. I had no idea sho and 9 Deaths were connected but I was pleasantly surprised as the title sequence unrolled before my eyes, Sho was the undisputed king of 80's Ninjasploitation.

In case you haven't seen it, here is the reason why (yes, the ninja is Sho:

Sequence courtesy of Bad Movie Realm.

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