08 February 2010

Gumby and the Wild West

Gumby and the Wild West
United States
Director - Art Clokey
Avid Home Entertainment, 1991, VHS
Run Time - 1 hour

This volume is a mixture of anything remotely referring to the mythical American west and a few that don't. A confusing mix of naive racism and naive empathy and Gumby's usual childlike association with fantastic nonsense. I cannot find exact dates for any of these episodes. Amazon has this tape listed as "volume 4", though I can find no such label on the cassette or box. As with Gumby Magic, I think it's just an arbitrary designation particularly because the tapes with actual volume numbers are released by F.H.E.

The Kachinas
• The Glob*
• School For Squares
• Goo For Pokey
• The Golden Iguana
• A Groobee Fight
• Hidden Valley
• Tricky Ball
• Ricochet Pete

*features the same public domain music that is featured prominently in Night of the Living Dead.

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