13 March 2010


United States - 1989
Director - David Hugh Jones
HBO Video, 1989, VHS

Another Vietnam Veteran movie, this one with an all star cast that almost boggles the mind. The director seems mostly to have done British television but for some reason, randomly did a 'Nam Vet picture and landed De Niro and Harris for the leads. That's another odd one, both were established and well respected actors, yet they chose to do a low budget film based on a play about a subject in which the movie going public was rapidly losing interest by 1989. Must have an important social message, huh?


Starmummy said...

I liked this one. Great performances and the breakdown at the end was tear jerking. Not a classic but a good watch.

Aussie Video Covers said...

I love Nam vet films but this one has always passed me by for some reason and haven't thought about it in years, thanks for bringing back the memory's of the time i first laid eyes on this cover back in the day, i must seek this one out now!