20 March 2010


United States - 1980
Director - David Paulson
MCA Videocassette Inc., 1981, VHS
Run Time - 1 hour, 29 minutes

I just watched the Werner Herzog documentary My Best Fiend in which Herzog reminisces somewhat less than longingly about his long friendship/enemyship and professional relationship with Klaus Kinski. I had always known that Kinski was an intense guy, you can feel it in his screen presence. I was almost bored to tears by Herzog's Nosferatu, but it's a great example of Kinski's mad skillz. Herzog's documentary was a more engaging film but Kinski was even more disturbing when not "acting." If even half of what Herzog and others say is true, Kinski made method acting and Christian Bale's blowup look like Saturday morning cartoons. That made me think of this movie Schizoid and I thought to myself, how ironic. Of course you don't know how ironic until you watch both My Best Fiend and Schizoid.

On a final Kinski note, one redeeming quality about Nosferatu was the soundtrack which you can listen to here.

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