25 June 2010

Double Kung Fu Double Feature!

Hong Kong - 1984
Director - Robert Tai

Super Dragons
Taiwan? - ??
Director - Cheung Chu??
Difficult to find anything about this movie, the names on screen are all cut off by the "formatting for my TV," maybe it's this one.

Taiwan - 1980
Director - William Chang

Hong Kong - 1983
Director - Tso Nam Lee

The quality on these transfers is, as you might expect, garbage. With the minor exception of Mafia vs. Ninja, I don't recall any of the films being very entertaining, and thus these tapes are difficult to sit through. The boxes sure are cool though.


Bagoflasers said...

Nice - a double double!

And much love for Mafia v. Ninja. I haven't seen Shaolin v. Lama, but I'm a big Tso Nam Lee fan, especially Challenge of the Lady Ninja.

The Goodkind said...

I need to try and re-watch all of these. It's been so long I would probably like them now, and I had completely forgotten the Lady Ninja connection.