02 May 2011

Guy Gerard Noel

United States - 1965
Director Don Siegel
Starring - Lee Marvin, Ronald Reagan, Angie Dickinson and Clu Gulager

This Mummy poster and the Horror of Dracula poster down below come courtesy of user eatbrie at the Movie Poster Forum.
Check out the Movie Poster Database page on Gerard Noel HERE. I found the artist through the Killers poster at the top, I am a big Lee Marvin fan as you may know and was instantly attracted to the poster. I had already comitted myself to seeing the film when I noticed the names of the other stars. Could you ask for a better classic lineup than Clu Gulager, Angie Dickinson and Ronald Reagan? I didn't think so. I regret that I do not have the time to do enough research to uncover more on this great French artist. His style reminds me of something between a screenprint and a theater backdrop. Awesome. If you know anything more about Guy Gerard Noel, drop us a line.

United States - 1963
Director - Burt Topper

At The Order of the Tsar
France - 1954
Director - Andre Haguet

United States - 1954
Director - Edward Dmytryk

The Horror of Dracula
United States - 1958
Director - Terence Fisher

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