23 July 2012

Danke fur Die Award for LVA

Thanks to Mr. Elwood Jones at  From the Depths of DVD Hell for liking this writing project enough to grant me the pleasure of the Liebster Award in which I must answer questions, presumably in an effort to further nerdify myself. I'm okay with that.

 1.) Who is your favorite Kajiu monster and why? Monster-Zero (Ghidora) because he has three heads and was born when a meteorite mated with a fucking volcano.
 2.) Were does your interest in movies come from? Monsters are great metaphors for rebellion. I'm a rebel.
 3.) You are being sent to your own private island so what book, film, album and luxury item are you taking with you? Whatever I'm in the middle of. (presently: Captive Bodies: Postcolonial Subjectivity in Cinema, Death Ship, 2-Pac: Me Against The World and Rosemary Ciabatta bread.)
 4.) What is the most underrated film of all time? Nothing is constant. At the moment, The Bodyguard.
 5.) Is Noel Clarke the worst thing to happen to modern cinema and as such should be banned from any kind of acting / directing / writing project or am I overreacting? Don't know who that is.
 6.) Why should people read more, rather than just waiting for the film version? Because they sound (and after enough of this shit, are) ignorant.
 7.) What is the scariest movie ever made? The Corporation or Manufacturing Consent
 8.) What film is most memorable for traumatizing you as a child? Critters
 9.) What are your golden rules of blogging? Find something you hate in every film you like, and vice-versa.
10.) How big is your watch pile? Enough to keep me going for a few months.
11.) What was the last scene in a movie which truly blew your mind? Something from The Pruitt-Igoe Myth. I fucking love this film.

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Elwood Jones said...

Great answers, especially for your reasons for liking Ghidora. My personal favourite incarnation was as Mecha-King Ghidora in "Godzilla Vs. King Ghidora" as per the rule that anything is only made cooler by making a mecha version!