19 October 2012

Rental Store - Video Update, Texas

I found this Video Update label on my copy of the vintage indie flick The Alien Factor, but something wasn't clicking. Hadn't I seen a Video Update label on another tape, and hadn't I posted it? Yes I had, HERE. That label was on a copy of Miami Horror from a Mukilteo, Washington store.

As it turns out, Video Update was one of the many franchise chains acquired in the 90's and early 00's by the Movie Gallery corporation which also purchased the late Hollywood Video name and the Movie Scene name. Movie Gallery went out of business as a brick and mortar in 2010 but continues to operate as an entertainment news aggregate site.


Ryan Clark said...

I remember asking my mom to take me to the Video Update in Dubois, PA (half an hour from my hometown of Clearfield) to rent a bunch of horror movies I had always wanted to see but were unavailable at the stores in my town. We went and I ended up renting a big bag of movies like Rabid, Tourist Trap, and Stagefright. That's probably my greatest video rental memory!

The Goodkind said...

That is a great memory! Thanks for sharing it, that's precisely why I post these old labels. History is awesome.