11 September 2009

New Stuff

On a recent trip to my homeland I scored a good haul of video cassettes. Historically this has not been the case, but I think they are beginning to realize that it's not worth holding on to a lot of their old inventory. Even in the backwoods of New Mexico the death of VHS is being felt; nobody rents them anymore,and those few that do are probably not going to watch Lovely But Deadly or Joysticks. Some of these have already gotten the writeup, the others will soon. If you're keeping track though you know that I still haven't gotten to all the junk from the last big haul, namely To Sleep With A Vampire, I just know that's going to hurt a lot so I'm scared.
I've added a few new links to other great movie blogs so please visit those there's a reason they're there.

Here's another awesome Charles Bronson Poster I found somewhere a long time ago.

I changed the format of the posts a little bit in the last few months, adding running times which help identify the particular version of the film in question, and by going to full front and back box scans. Some of the older posts have been updated to include these additions, and a few posts have new images.
Finally, unless anyone complains I'll continue posting brief writeups of films which are outside the scope of my goal just so I can scan and post the old VHS box art under the tag Just the Box.

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Scandy Tangerine Man said...

That MURDERLUST cover is fucking awesome.