03 September 2009

Pro Basketball's Funniest Pranks: Vol. 3

Pro Basketball's Funniest Pranks: Vol. 3
United States - 1993
Display America Inc., 1993, VHS
Run Time - 30 min.

This seems like it's going to be awesome. It's not what you would expect, basketball pranks, I dunno, like greased basketballs, maybe cold water showers, uhhhhhh. What do basketball players think is funny? Oh, I guess it's just dumb Candid Camera shit, or maybe if you're too young to remember Candid Camera, and/or you speak Spanish, in which case it's dumb Lente Loco shit. Either way it's bad physical humor. Maybe I was unusual, but at the age of 10 in 1990 I though hand-buzzers and dribble glasses were actually funny. It wouldn't be the first time I was accused of being born too late, I did volunteer to serve in Vietnam, in 2002.
But I'm not the only one; to think dribble glasses are funny that is, at least circa 1990, or '93 to be exact, when Sir Charles Barkley was still playing for the '76ers, or more acurately, still playing. Apparently someone out there thought there was money to be made by filming pro-basketballers playing dumb 40 year old pranks on each-other. And maybe there was, hell for all I know they (the producers, not the team, note the logo-less jerseys) did make a killing. Maybe the jokes were even funny.

In any case, my roommate found this VHS tape at an estate sale and generously thought it would be a fun watch and contribution to my obscure useless video collection. He would've been right if the actual factory tape had been in the box. Instead there was this mysteriously labeled home video. 2nd Half. It is actually basketball related! NO! It is not the second half of a basketball game, rather it is the entire game, starting with the 1st half. And it was taped in 2000. And the commercials got skipped so we couldn't even laugh at that. Lame.

Or maybe not. That's a pretty good prank I guess.

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Scandy Tangerine Man said...

Haha! This is the best.
All of a sudden Shaq's enormous head pops around the corner, creepy-calm, smiling like he just ate an entire live chicken in one bite, "You just been pranked."