07 May 2010

The Supernaturals

United States - 1985
Director - Armand Mastroianni
Embassy Home Entertainment, 1986, VHS
Run Time -1 hour, 25 minutes

I came across this film while looking for another civil war zombie film I saw years ago called Curse of the Screaming Dead. The Supernaturals itself has little to recommend it. Beginning with the cover art which features a historical discrepancy so glaring I won't even begin. Furthermore, although set in the 1980's when the US military was entirely volunteer, the characters whine and bicker and laze about as if they were draftees. And finally, there is no gore whatsoever. A perfect opportunity in the golden age of American splatter cinema to cash in on the ubiquitous confederate catchphrase of the modern era "The South Will Rise Again," and they went and wasted it. Curse of the Screaming Dead used it, but that movie is also terrible so it was more or less squandered.
 On the plus side, The Supernaturals does have original music by Robert O. Ragland, and it co-stars LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow and TNG.

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