28 May 2010

The World According to Gumby

The World According to Gumby
United States
F.H.E., 1987, VHS
Run Time – 30 minutes

The Big Eye
• Outcast Marbles
• Tail Tale
• Haunted Hot Dog
• Indian Challenge

This is a short one. When I rented these as a kid I didn't understand the concept of running times and I was always profoundly disappointed when they were over after only five episodes. As a result I often ended up watching the same tape four or five times before returning it. Maybe that's why I feel compelled to gather them all together in the archive now; so I can play a constant loop of Gumby as my mind degenerates into psychosis.

1 comment:

Phill Tuma said...

Gumby needs to learn to respect the earth. "Look at me I'm gumby! I can do whatever the hell I want to the planet." He thinks the earth doesn't rotate fast enough so he feels the need to spin it. Slow down brother and enjoy life. Stop taking your green agression out on your mother you blockhead.