17 May 2010

I Spit On Your Grave

J'irai cracher sur vos tombes ( aka I Spit On Your Grave)
France - 1959
Director - Michel Gast
A 1959 French film based on a novel in which a light skinned black man returns to the town where his brother was lynched. Seeking revenge upon the murderers he joins their gang and ends up getting involved with one of the girls. Sounds basically like a French race-mixing exploitation film along the lines of the American model vis-a-vis I Crossed The Color Line and I Passed For White.

Day Of The Woman (retitled as I Spit On Your Grave in 1980)
United States - 1978
Director - Mier Zarchi
I Spit On Your Grave as most of us know it, is a pretty notorious film. I personally heard of it long before Thriller: A Cruel Picture or Cannibal Holocaust. It was so notorious that it spawned a number of remakes, sequels and "re-titlings" for video. An official remake is set to be released later this year.There are also several bands with albums titled "I Spit On Your Grave," and various plays on that title, and I found a few foreign websites that were sketchy so I didn't download any of their images.

This Italian poster for the Mier Zarchi movie makes it look like a fetish/slasher along the lines of Fulci's New York Ripper doesn't it?

This Wizard Video sleeve is from It's Only A Movie.co.uk. Wizard Video was an imprint of Charles Band's Empire Pictures.

Japanese sleeve from the incredible Japanese VHS Hell.

Ms. 45
United States - 1981
Director - Abel Ferrara
Perhaps not an explicit spinoff , but the theme is exactly the same. Admittedly, there have been a great number of rape-revenge films made, but Ms. 45 was made almost immediately after I Spit On Your Grave, so its hard to deny the connection. Poster from IMPAwards

Naked Vengeance
Philippines - 1985
Director - Cirio H. Santiago
Naked Vengeance was an unofficial remake directed by Roger Corman's Philippine man of action and all around exploitation gristmill Cirio Santiago. Cover scan from Vestron Video International.

United States - 1993
Director - Donald Farmer
The cult status of Zarchi's film generated a plethora of titular and thematic spinoffs including the Eden Entertainment I WIll Dance On Your Grave series, many of which were simply previously existing low budget films released under a deceptive series title and cheap cover artwork. However, the series did include the film Savage Vengeance which was an unofficial sequel to Day Of the Woman that stars (under pseudonym) Camille Keaton in a reprise of her DoTW Jennifer role.

Girls For Rent (retitled for video as I Spit on Your Corpse)
United States - 1974
Director - Al Adamson
When this film was released on video it was retitled, probably to conjure associations with the Zarchi movie. It is now available on DVD from Troma.

I Spit On Your Corpse, I Piss On Your Grave
United States - 2001
Director - Eric Stanze
Not sure about this, apparently a pretty rough film. I thought I had seen it in high-school, but the date is way off for that.

I'll Kill You, I'll Bury You, and I'll Spit On Your Grave Too!
United States - 1995
Director - Thomas R Koba

IMDB gives a date of 2000 for this one, but the box appears to say 1995. I swear I saw it when I was still in high school back in the 1990's, so who wins that one? Before I knew my ass from my elbow I remember mistaking it for the Zarchi film and being sorely disappointed by its low quality. The VHS box above confirms my story since it is basically the same "design" as the Eden I Dance On Your Grave series from the 90's, right down to the reused and cobbled cover image.

I Spit On Your Remains
Japan - 2005
Director - Yoshiyuki Okazawa

Oyle bir Kadin ki
Turkey - 1979
Director Naki Yurter
It think its a little presumptuous to simply call it "Turkish I Spit On Your Grave," as if the Turks have no actual creative spirit of their own. According to IMDB the title translates to "A Woman Like That" and I find it difficult to believe that Day of the Woman was released in US theaters in November of 1978, then made it to Turkey and was remade by a Turk and released by 1979. Unless the director saw DoTW in the US, the turnaround is just too quick. It took the "Turkish Star Wars" five years to appear after the release of the American film.

I Spit Chew On Your Grave
United States - 2009
There is no IMDB page for this film, but since the arbiters of corporeal substance, Amazon have it for sale, it must be real.

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