19 March 2009

Fangoria 8 - Zombie

You've gotta love this toothy fellow, one of the greatest horror film images of all time in my humble opinion, flopped left to right from the original for this cover, published October 1980.

You can tell who the Italian darling of the Fangoria staff was because they screwed up Lucio Fulci's name on the table of contents. I'll bet they never accidentally called the other guy Lucio Argento, I guess they kindof have a decent excuse though, before Zombi 2, Fulci had mostly been doing westerns and White Fang adventure films and hadn't shown up on American genre radar yet.

The article was written by Jim Wynorski who went on to direct Chopping Mall (1986) and Deathstalker II (1987) and more recently a plethora of soft-core skinflicks like The Bare Wench Project series.

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