01 March 2009


a.k.a. Zombie Flesh Eaters
Italy - 1980
Director - Lucio Fulci
Anchor Bay, 2002, DVD

As an unabashed 15+ year fan (short for fanatic) of zombie movies I must admit that one of my favorites, in fact my absolute favorite zombie film is Lucio Fulci's Zombi 2 (known to most US viewers of course as simply Zombie).

There are several reasons for this effusive gushing affection (I choose my adjectives with care).
  • The spiritually and emotionally uplifting poster art, see right.
  • The effusive gushing gore brought to you by Gianetto DeRossi (more recently he did Haute Tension, a gory (duh) French slasher film from the directors of the decent remake of The Hills Have Eyes.
  • The low budget plot which is taken up primarily by zombies eating people, zombies shuffling, zombies rising slowly from improbably shallow graves, and people shrieking as they flee the shuffling hungry zombies. Of course there's some dramatic tension and character development in there too, oh and some nudity, but who's counting when the impromptu tracheotomies-via-zombie-mandible are taking place?
  • Tisa Farrow, and more importantly Ian McCullough, two steadfastly mediocre actors who put every ounce of passion into every zombie induced shriek.
  • Ummm, it's fucking Italian, and frankly you cannot get much better than an Italian exploitation film. The Wops did it best and they did it best, period. There is something in the Italian cultural mentality that allows for envelope pushing extremes, just ask Benito.
  • The soundtrack which just adds a level of low budget menace which cannot be equaled I think by anything American, and few things Italian. Piercing, unnerving, almost nauseating, it is the perfect compliment to the film. When Phill and I at Kung Fu Grindhouse showed this movie, one of the things we were most excited about was getting to hear the soundtrack over a full PA system. It was a thing of beauty.
This last point is a big one, and it is what inspired me to write this blog entry. I've long wanted to have myself a copy of the soundtrack in order to assail my ears with images of undead mastication whenever it so pleased myself to do so. Alas, the one semi-bootleg copy available retail was ridiculously overpriced and had to be shipped from the land of really bad movies (see also the United Kingdom), not to mention being out of print.
Enter The Manchester Morgue, a blog which I found because it was kind enough to post a link here. I wasn't sure for a while what Manchester Morgue was trying to do besides being exploitation movie nerds (which is fine in and of itself) but hey, on closer inspection I got it. If you want to find the music from an old exploitation movie, Manchester Morgue is the place to look. Once I figured that one out (which took all of 3 or 4 minutes of actual attention paying) guess what I began searching frantically for?

Oh sweet wienie roast. Now I can think of flesh eating all day long with a smile on my face.

Visit my new friends over at The Manchester Morgue for good things and look HERE for more Zombi 2 coverage from LVA, and HERE for zombies in general.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, I`ve seen this movie with 100% italian sountrack... :D
check out Jesus Franco productions, it`s the guy who did:
"Killer Barbys vs Dracula",
"Grave of the Living Dead",
"The Inconfessable Orgies of Emmanuelle",
"Sadomania - Hölle der Lust", "Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies",
"Sexo caníbal",
"Sexorcismes" and
"Frauen im Liebeslager"...
and a lot more :D