09 March 2009


If you've ever seen a film called Blood Beach, and chances are you have not, you may remember a character named Hoagie (seen getting snuffed in the pic to the left). Pretty stupid name, but in the context of the film it might be fitting, y'know, stoner beach-bum likes to eat sandwiches or whatever so his friends nickname him Hoagie right? Apparently people are actually named that, or anyway it is a familiar shortening of the name Hoagland, which is just a little to close to hog-land among other things for me to take it even remotely serious.
If you are trying to find pictures on Google of our foggy brained friend of said moniker, you will not find them, but instead, pictures of America's favorite Hoagy (spelled differently than I had assumed), Hoagland Carmichael composer of music for films among other things. To his credit is the heartwarming classic "Heart and Soul" which played such an integral part in that effervescent and enucleating Tom Hanks classic Big.
Nevertheless, should you pursue the matter, and I don't recommend it (everything interesting is written here as far as I'm concerned) you will find that Hoagy Carmichael does indeed like sandwiches. Preferably those consisting of canned lunchmeat Treet, raw yellow onions and mustard.
Happy eating.

While I'm on the subject, I'm angry that George Lucas didn't get Tom Hanks to star in one of the the Threequels. That would have been fucking awesome.

Vintage Treet ad from gather.com

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