05 March 2009

Last Remake on the Left

There has been some talk about the remake of Last House on the Left, mostly negative. (I'll grant you I am very much out of the loop when it comes to feedback, I get zero media coverage so when I say "some talk" I mean I read probably one or two things online and then talked to myself). But I think I've come to a watershed as far as remakes go, at least in the United States, and I'd like to share it with whomever might be inclined to humor me for a moment or two.
I've seen a few of the recent remakes of classic American slasher horror, most notably Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Halloween.

I have heard many times uttered from the mouths of splatter fans, including my own, "I know it's going to suck, but I want to see what they're going to do with it." or "It'll never be as good as the original but...(add lame justification)."
Often the same people who say the above, (including myself) also say things like, "These idiots don't have any new ideas that's why they have to ruin all our good classics with remakes." and "Who's giving these people money, what a stupid idea, how could they possibly improve on the original?"

The answer is that we are giving them money to re-make our good memories into garbage, because we "are just curious what they're going to do with it."
We know it's going to suck, and we're insulted by remakes, yet we fuel the fire with our 10 dollar tickets.
No excuse.
But, I have decided I won't go and see any more remakes. (even though I've liked a few in the past)
I want to keep what good memories I have left, (not to mention my hard earned dollars)and I want to send those capitalist bastards in Movielandplace a message; "Come up with something new! Quit paying marketing agents to script remakes and hire actual creative people with new ideas, there are some left, (I know they're hard to find since they've been ignored for so long) otherwise you get no more money from me. (and this also goes for Asian films you imperialists of originality!)"

So, if you want originality and creativity and you mean it, stand up for it and don't back down, otherwise, quit complaining. It also means that if a movie comes out that looks weird or cheesy or dumb, but is unprecedented, go see it.

Support creativity and independance.

That is all.


Daniel Soler said...
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Daniel Soler said...

Good points, all. I will not compare dollars to voting, because the latter has seen enough abuse due to the influence of the former. I digress: production companies release shit films because people pay to watch them and make the venture profitable. Take away the audience, take away the shitty films. Here's a real eye-opener: go to Blockbusters or Hollywood and look over the direct-to-DVD films. Someone's buying this shit.