07 January 2011

Rental Store - Astro Zombies

I actually worked at this one for a year or so. While there was a decent viewership for cult films in the area, there was a lot more money to be made by filling the rental space with action figures. Cha-ching. When the owner decided to jettison the movies he gave me first crack at buying the ones I wanted and I spent more than I could reasonably afford at the time. Most of it now is long gone... Ass-Zom is still there though, just a few doors down.


Thomas Dukenfield said...

Let me guess, it was managed by a drunk Wendell Corey.

The Goodkind said...

Hmmm. No, not really. He was a character though.

Phill Tuma said...

Good old Ass-Zom. My buddy and I made many weekend trips there in the Mid-Late 90's. I remember snagging a copy of Brain Dead and looking through all their old copies of fangoria. Still cracks me up that you worked there.