10 January 2011


United Kingdom - 1986
Director - Clive Barker
Anchor Bay Entertainment, 1996, VHS
Run Time - 1 hour 26 minutes (film), 22 minutes (spec. features)

A great example of the wastefulness of the consumerist precept wherein bigger and more equals better. Less than two hours of video is split onto two VHS tapes for no apparent reason except that the consumer could be charged more for the hollow satisfaction of having purchased this visually imposing but pointless box.
Lacking the knowledge of Barker and England that would make for some kind of moderately clever observation about the film, I will use it as an excuse to share some contextual media in the form of some contemporary articles in Fangoria:

 Hellraiser Issue 67
September, 1987
A really good interview with one of the stars of Hellraiser, Andrew Robinson, also of Charlie Varrick and Dirty Harry. This is an article that I have always remembered because Robinson has some great reflections on the  industry from an indie perspective. This issue has already appeared here at LVA with articles on The Lamp, also known as The Outing, and an article on Evil Dead II special effects.

Hellraiser Issue 65
July, 1987
An here's another one from a little earlier in the year. Actually, to be honest, there was a third issue, #66 which had yet another article about the film. You can see that the folks at Starlog got a little geeky about a big movie when it was coming out. Either that or they inflated the articles to take up more space and keep us in suspense until the next issue. Whatever the case, these were the more interesting of the three articles, this second being something of a report-from-the-set with Clive Barker.


The Goodkind said...

For the record, I screwed up the file names, as in issue numbers, but the articles are the correct ones.

Stacia said...

Did they at least put all of the movie on one tape and the special features on the other? I'm kind of shocked that they were producing these big bulky packages as late as 1996! It seems like such an 80s thing.

The Goodkind said...

Yeah, but the special features are only twenty minutes long, so the cassette feels empty. It's a total waste, but totally typical of Anchor Bay at that time. It was after all the age of "collectability", when it was assumed that everything even slightly esoteric would appreciate value. Of course it was all mass produced and is now totally worthless garbage.