01 December 2014

What Happened to VHS Archive?!

Some of you may have been wondering, and some of you may not have even noticed, but VHS Archive has pretty much ceased to operate.
I live in Seattle where we have the worlds greatest video rental shop, Scarecrow Video, which I visit every week for at least 2 movies, many on VHS.
I also subscribe to an online streaming service, and run a monthly grindhouse-style screening event.
So it's not a lack of cinema that has made me negligent!

There is one simple reason for this.
I am first and foremost a visual artist. An illustrator and comic artist to be precise, and I've been getting very busy with work in that field, and getting paid for it. Something that never happened with my writing. I very much miss talking about movies with people (and some might say ruining them,) but art really feeds me (both emotionally and financially for a change.)

So, I had a great run writing and being part of the community. I hope you enjoyed my contributions. I'll leave 'em up, and maybe, someday, come back to it.
In the meantime, please follow the pictures I'm making at these fancy internet locations:

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Thanks, and stay cool.