10 July 2008

My Tutor

My Tutor
United States - 1983
Director – George Bowers
BCI Eclipse Company, 2007, DVD
School Dazed 8 movie set

It should come as no surprise to me now that an 80’s movie, much less a teen sex comedy would start with anything but an aerobics class scene set to jammin’ new wave beats. Nevertheless, I am headshakingly amazed by the consistency.
After said pelvic thrusting, we are introduced to our main characters, the painfully aware Bobby and Jack, played respectively by some guy who looks like a young John Travolta and Crispin Glover, weird as usual (even at this age). Too nerdy to score with real women, the buds (with help from Jacks brother?) try a whorehouse where the requisite innocuous sex humor element of this film is factors in.
As seniors they are on their way out, but Bobby fails his French final, and thus entry into Yale, his fathers alma mater. So his pops hires a live-in French Tutor, Terry.

Once again in the process of trying to get Jack and Bobby laid, the film runs afoul of some base redemption via boobs when the boys attempt to solicit the help of a slutty waitress whose biker boyfriend shows up just in time to ruin everything but the boob shot.

Back at his parents mansion, Bobby pouts and then peeps at his tutor swimming sans-suit in the pool, this elicits a short-lived fantasy sequence, and a great deal of disbelief from me due to Bobby’s spineless behavior. Nevertheless, Terry engages her “homework concentration outfit” in an effort to focus Bobby’s deceptively fey effeminate passivity.

When Terry’s stereotypically 80’s overly jerky ex re-exes himself, Bobby finally occupies the last-ditch-lay category and Terry really settles into her role as Tutor.
At long last, the true raison d’etre of this stridently overcompensating boob-fest reveals itself. Not that it was hiding, we’ve just been getting impatient waiting for the mildly nerdy loser to score with his French teacher.

As a straight male I can see how all the egregious older woman sex-mentor fantasy is mildly entertaining if predicable. A young Crispin Glover is a real treat, as is a cameo by Kitten Natavidad of Russ Meyer fame, and there are a few really good moments of humor in here; the rich vs. the servant stuff is worth it, but the main thrust of it, pun intended, is base and simple.

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