07 March 2010

Tombs of the Blind Dead


Spain - 1971
Director - Amando de Ossorio

I bought this poster years ago from a poster shop in Albuquerque when I was living there. The owner was going to a convention in Florida, I asked him to get me anything Blind Dead and he came back with this thing which he said was from Australia.
This is one of my favorite zombie movies ever, but as a fan of excess in American film making, this sounds a little strange to say since Tombs is in no way excessive or over the top. In fact I'm not entirely sure what I like so much about this slow and plodding, film that lacks the gore, nudity and insanity of my other favorite films. All I can say in my defense is that the zombies, The Templars, are rad. What sells them their state of decay which should preclude them from hearing anything, but that's how they find their victims. The atmosphere and tension of those scenes when they are in the room with a person trying to avoid detection; excellent, just excellent.

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