12 January 2010

Emiliano Zapata/Viva Zapata!

Mexico - 1970
Director - Felipe Cazals

Once I found this movie it was inevitable that would I run across the Marlon Brando film immediately afterwards. I never knew about either of them before yesterday, but you know how these things line up. The Mexican poster above graphically captures significantly more of the political philosophy Zapata espoused during the Mexican Revolution, specifically his dedication to protecting the land rights of the peasants and farmers. Those of the earlier film below, focus more on the individual Zapata which is fairly typical of the American cultural obsession with individualism and celebrity. Graphically the latter posters are certainly more stunning, but somewhat more ideologically shallow. That said, I have yet to see either film, but I'm working on that presently.

Viva Zapata!
United States - 1952
Director - Elia Kazan

This is my favorite poster for this Viva Zapata!, the jutting cactus really captures the romaticized drama of that particular historical moment.

More promotional art for the Cazals film.

A Yugoslav poster for the Brando film.



Above is my second favorite poster for Viva Zapata!, I guess I like solid color schemes, but the image too is significantly less sensational than the others.

The last three posters are courtesy Doctor Macro where you can also find some nice production stills from Viva Zapata!

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