16 July 2010

Sony Betamax SL-5800

Found this in a magazine from December 1980, it's literally dripping with symbolism.
I find it amusing that the guy is in what appears to be a study, suggesting that he possesses both  intelligence and culture. His throne and scepter pose is very fascist/monarchical, and we look slightly up at him, silhouetted and semi anonymous in front of a blazing light as if simultaneously deity and monolith. He is the epitome of unassailable power, reinforced by the lead copy; "Experience the freedom of total control." This dude answers to no one, in fact according to the headers for each segment of the body copy he is the "master" of numerous things that might as well have nothing to do with a video program. Clearly this advert is appealing to a power hungry masculinist psychology well beyond the innocent videophile.
Heavy man, heavy.


Ty said...

Nice find!

The Goodkind said...

And I'm just noticing that beautiful gleaming belt buckle. It's like a jewel in his crown. This dude wears the fuckin' pants!