02 July 2010

Capricorn One

United States - 1977
Director - Peter Hyams
Avid Home Entertainment, 1993, VHS
Run Time - 2 hours, 3 minutes
I'll admit that the idea of landing people on the Moon during the height of the Vietnam War is a bit of a paradox if you think about it. It's quite possible that that is one of the reasons conspiracy theorists came up with the whole faked Moon landing story. Here, in a roundabout way, an all star cast takes a whack at Moon landing conspiracies and general distrust of the government by faking a landing on Mars and taking on a federal coverup.


DJ Davy B said...

My favorite movie hands down. I'm no conspiracy theorist. I just loved the all star cast. In fact I once spent about half an hour discussing the making of this film with a fellow named Orenthal James Simpson. Better known as OJ. Yes i spent an hour with the juice at a TWA lounge at JFK Airport back in 1985 after the Juice missed several flights after a Monday Night Football game. Seems he kept disappearing about the times his planes were boarding...You don't think???? Nah. In any case he was nice enough t talk about the film and how he enjoyed acting and wanted to do more. For an 18 year old kid it was pretty damn cool. Seems this film was his highlight....

The Goodkind said...

Wow, that's pretty awesome. I was certainly entertained by this film, strangely I find myself drawn to James Brolin films (Westworld is my personal favorite,) but I felt it suffered from predictability. However, probably 80-plus percent of that is due to my interest in history of that period. Without the contextual evidence I would have been happier. I mean, Elliott Gould is great, and Telly Savalas, Sam Waterson? What's not to like?