09 May 2009

Fangoria 71 - Night Of The Living Dead

I know I've been slacking on the posts in the last month, this quarter has been a lot more brutal than I expected and I've had little time to devote to film. That said I'll give you some old Fangoria back when it was still a fun rag. One of the great things about these old issues is that in addition to having contemporary articles about the films you still love (in this case Brain Damage), you can find all kinds of stuff you forgot about (like Cellar Dweller).

So the article I'm featuring here is a Fango "exclusive" of some full color Night of the Living Dead production stills. Behind the scenes shots so to speak, though none of them are terribly interesting. My love of zombie movies makes this one of my favorites, and I always think it's interesting, at least from a nerd point of view to remember that NOTLD did not have to be filmed in black and white, it was just cheaper that way. After all, full color footage was daily being flown back from the killing fields of Vietnam and screened every night on TV in 1968. Incidentally, that's where Tom Savini was, Vietnam, serving as an Army combat photographer, that's why he wasn't working on NOTLD despite the offer from Romero.
Anyway, enjoy.

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