05 May 2010

Tombs of the Blind Dead

I added new VHS boxes to several movies that have been posted here in the past. I found a very old Media Home Entertainment release of the British thriller Schizo.
In addition I added several  UK sleeves, one for the Texan film The Outing bearing the original title "The Lamp" and another for the Canadian film The Vindicator.
Bionic Ninja got a new VHS thing, and
Goin' All the Way got a new poster image. Check 'em out!

And, just so this post isn't pure text here's a sweet Dutch VHS box for one of my favorite zombie movies of all time. Can't remember where I got the image.


Anonymous said...

Just a heads up; This is a dutch release, not a danish release! :-)

The Goodkind said...

Content amended. Thanks Anonymous! Is that French name, or Quebequois?