30 August 2010

Cannibal Mercenary

Thailand - 1983
Director - Hong Lu Wong

I found this poster/DVD cover(?) for the super absurd Thai film Cannibal Mercenary at Ioffer.com. I have a copy of this film simply titled Mercenary, on a bad bootleg VHS tape I got from a video store I worked in years and years ago. I think Cannibal Apocalypse would be a more apt comparison but it does lift large elements of the plot from Apocalypse Now.
Anyway, I thought this would make a good opener for my month of Vietnam War themed posts. Why am I devoting a month to it? Well because I'm going to be in Vietnam the entire month! I've wanted to visit since I began studying the country and the war many years ago. Now I finally got my chance so I'm taking it.
For more 'Nam related posts I've done in the past (it's a long standing interest as I mentioned) click Namsploitation and Vietnam Vets labels.
And finally, if you leave any comments in the next month don't despair they will get approved when I return.


Jack J said...


I would be very surprised if that's the cover of an official DVD. I'm confident the only official DVD is the (heavily censored) German release (aka Jaguar Project). The fact that you've found it on iOffer suggests it's most likely a bootleg.

I've got a bit of info about the film here:


You're going to Vietnam? Lucky you!

Ty said...

What a Killer Title!