10 August 2010

I Got Happy

Thanks to Trash Film Addict and Breakfast In the Ruins for liking Lost Video Archive enough to award me with this thing. I do like cupcakes with sprinkles. (Are they vegan?)
I get the impression that I'm supposed to name ten things that I enjoy and pass the award on to ten other blogs. I'm not into listing anything except grievances so if you want explanations of any of these, ask. OK, here goes:

First Act:
Charles Bronson
Successful Art Projects
Green Chile
History Books
Banh Mi
Funky scotch
Fresh Fruit in my cereal.

Second Act:
Satan's Hope Chest
Japanese VHS Hell
Starlet Showcase
Breakfast In the Ruins (I picked him before I knew he had picked me)
Camp Movie Camp
Raro VHS
Crap Video Artwork
When the Vietnam War Raged in the Philippines
Kung Fu Fridays
Manchester Morgue

Now, go, See, DO!


RaroVHS said...

I'm not sure I understand very well how that award works, but thanks for naming my blog anyway! =)

The Goodkind said...

Well, it means your blog is great and keep up the good work. If you feel like picking some other blogs who deserve it, go ahead. Otherwise just bask in the glory.