27 August 2010

Evil Ed

Evil Ed
Sweden - 1995
Director Anders Jacobsson
A-Pix Entertainment. 1996, VHS
Run Time - 1 hour, 30 minutes

Hardcore gorror fans will be familiar with this self-aware Scandinavian movie that mocked the notion that violent films made audiences violent. This clever triple entendre is marred slightly by the cropped running time of this VHS version which is missing some 3 or 4 minutes of footage. Director Jacobssen directed this years Insane, a film I have yet to see, but here's a trailer for us to peruse:

Thanks to Bendkraft who posted this trailer at YouTube where he or she also posted some Evil Ed related interviews and whatnot. And thanks also to Shelby over at Illogical Contraption for presenting me with the vintage VHS tape.